The wellness and satisfaction of your patients always come first. Both returning and new patients alike should receive red carpet attention every time.

The care and focus on customer service is the right thing to do. But if your dental practice is expanding its workforce, client base or office space at a new location, there is no greater partner for growing your business than the people who sit in the dental chair.

Many practices are fortunate to work with a base of loyal patients who come in regularly. They also refer family and friends to your practice. Your clients’ loyalty means that they will trust you for all routine and specialized care.

How to build loyalty

Social media, online marketing campaigns, word of mouth and other outreach are all competing with your practice for the attention of new patients. People have plenty of options for dental care, but a concerted effort will help attract and retain patients.

Your dental practice’s outreach should tell a story. People want to know how you’re unique. They also want to know why they should receive dental treatment from your practice. Your message must be strategically reinforced for optimal outcomes.

One sure way to get your message out is through regular social media interaction. Posts shouldn’t emphasize “selling,” but should instead represent value and a little personality. If you mention a service or product, make sure it’s only around 20% of your content. The remainder should focus on patient education and other friendly messaging.

Targeted emails are another way to build loyalty. Following up on questions or concerns from your patients is important. So, if a patient asks about dental implants, don’t forget to follow up and answer any questions your patient might have. This strategy can be used over several months as mini reminders to patients that you care about their well-being. This is one of the many acts you can do to build trust.

Emails can also work as blanket messages that reach everyone. By regularly reaching out, you can keep patients in the loop and top of mind. Remember to take this opportunity to lighten the mood and not overload them with information. Casual emails can also help your patients feel connected instead of overwhelmed. This positive interaction will not be lost on them the next time they visit or call to schedule an appointment.

Customized content, instead of massed-produced materials, sets a favorable tone. When patients see that their needs are being addressed through thoughtful web content, emails and social, your dental practice can stand out from the rest.

It’s important to listen to the needs of your patients at every moment. Customizing content that relates to their questions or concerns and opening channels of communication build trust and remind your patients that you are a reliable partner in their dental health journey.

Connecting with patients

Remember that the patient chooses to come to you more than once. Every time they make an appointment, they are making a decision to have you as their dentist.

Their decision is based on the sum of the customer service experience, care and perception. Online reviews, social media and website content can all shape the patients’ views, as you know.

Another point that underscores the importance of a comprehensive customer service program is found in a recent study that shows millennials are not as attached to their dental care provider as other generations. Millennials can be more driven by several influences when choosing dentists.

The bottom line, however, will be about the energy you put in to always treat people with respect, dignity and compassion.

Remember that building and maintaining relationships goes beyond an oral exam and teeth cleaning. Take any and all opportunities to connect with your patients through customer-first practices that remind them that you care about their well-being.

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