Two new waivers issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs provide greater flexibility to dental professionals and students who are helping in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 through the administration of vaccines.

Late last month, the Department of Consumer Affairs issued two waivers designed to increase the pool of qualifying vaccinators. The expanded eligibility covers dentists with recently expired or inactive licenses and health care students, including individuals studying dentistry.

The waivers went into effect immediately.

Health and dental professionals with lapsed licensing are permitted to administer the vaccine, but some conditions apply. Medical professionals must have held a license or certification within the last five years, for instance, to qualify for the waiver. As part of the criteria, medical professionals must also be in good standing and have updated certificates in CPR.

Under the related waiver, students in health care training programs are now authorized to vaccinate for COVID-19 but must be supervised when doing so. Currently, practicing health or dental professionals knowledgeable in intramuscular injections are acceptable overseers.

Known as DCA Waiver DCA-21-139, the new rule also requires students to be properly trained to carry out the responsibility and be part of a state or local vaccination effort. Other training, including CPR certification, is also a requirement.

Over the last several months, the federal government has expanded vaccinator eligibility to include a number of qualified health professionals, including dental professionals and students.

Throughout the pandemic, dental professionals met the call and delivered essential health services to the public in a safe and healthy environment. Now during the next phase, the industry continues to play an important role in public health by getting more shots in arms.

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