Eligible employers with more than 26 staff members will be required to continue to provide up to 80 hours of supplemental paid sick leave through December. The state was poised to see these requirements expire at the end of September, but lawmakers approved the extension.

The recently enacted California legislation is also a relief grant for small businesses that are incurring leave-related costs due to COVID-19. Employees are eligible whether they’re caring for themselves or a family member. The legislation also creates relief grant funding for small businesses for up to $50,000 and also implements new COVID-19 testing and paperwork requirements.

Qualifying organizations can apply for relief to help cover supplemental paid leave and any related costs. To qualify, businesses and nonprofits must be active entities and have been in operation prior to June 2021.

Employers must be careful not to require employees to first exhaust supplemental sick leave before receiving exclusion pay under the Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard. Any eligible employee can take 40 hours of paid supplemental leave if they are unable to work due to COVID-19 illness within their household.

While employees may decide how many hours to take up to the maximum, there are limits for vaccine-related leave. Employers can limit leave to three days or 24 hours, depending on work schedules, for vaccine-related work absences. If an employee or family member tests positive for COVID-19, the employee is eligible for an additional 40 hours of leave. In this situation, the employer can require proof of a positive test. The new workplace rules allow employers to also require a second COVID-19 test. For instance, when an employee tests positive and the employer requires a diagnostic within five days, the employer can require a second test within 24 hours. The employer can be required to pay for the additional testing.

If the employee refuses to provide documentation or undergo required diagnostic tests, employers are not required to provide additional supplemental paid sick leave.

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