Dental offices are subject to a new law that requires employers to rehire staff members who were let go during the pandemic.

California Senate Bill 93, known as the “right to recall” law, is a hiring mandate that protects workers in hospitality, building maintenance and janitorial services. The law bars employers from exercising discretion when deciding which employees to bring back after being laid off.

Laid-off employees are eligible for rehire if they worked at least two hours per week for at least six months over a period of time. They must have also been laid off because of the pandemic.

The mandate mostly applies to service industries but can also impact businesses that rely on support services. Dental practices with an individual janitorial staff member, for example, are covered by the right to recall law. Janitorial staff workers employed by a company that’s hired by dental offices do not fall under the mandate.

Any new hiring by dental offices must begin with previous employees. The law requires businesses that are hiring to first issue job offers to laid-off employees who are qualified for the job within five business days. Seniority must also be a factor in the rehiring process.

Businesses must keep track of laid-off employees and recall offers over a period of three years. The law will be on the books until Dec. 31, 2024.

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