Ensuring a positive patient experience is vital to the long-term success of a dental practice. The more comfortable a new patient is, the more likely they will keep coming back to you for their oral health.

With some minor adjustments, your dental office will continually capture the attention of the customer base through crisp declarations of your brand and values and through the delivery of excellent dental care.

First impressions matter

Winning over the confidence and trust of a new patient will hinge on the dental practice’s ability to create a memorable and positive first impression. Every detail counts. From the appearance of your signage, entryway and waiting area, to the staff’s friendliness and your website’s ease of navigation, a great first impression is a concerted effort that demonstrates that your office is a well-oiled machine and always puts the patient first.

A new patient’s experience from the moment they call in to make an appointment to the moment they check out after their first visit will shape their perception of the dental office. It also can set in motion the start of an important relationship with your team for many years to come.

So go over what those steps currently look like with your team and how improvements could be made.

Bring new patients in for a tour

“Value adds” are something all consumers come to expect as businesses retool their approach to customer relations. Offering an office tour of your facility and a meet and greet with your dentist shows your willingness to take the time to make sure your patients are always comfortable – even if they’re not yet officially signed on as your patient quite yet.

A quick office tour can leave a strong first impression as it brings down barriers new patients feel during their first office visit. It’ll also be a memorable experience and not easily forgotten. It’s also something new patients would be eager to note when making a referral or leaving a positive online comment.

Build morale among staff

Patients will feel an extra level of comfort if they’re surrounded by positivity and energy from the entire staff. Building upon your staff’s morale is immediately evident and is evidence of a high-performing dental office.

Assembling a complementary team that clicks, presenting team members with opportunities to grow, recognizing performance and creating an overall positive work environment are just some of the ingredients that go into a happy and productive workplace.

When everything seems to click, patients will take notice and are more likely to click on the “like button” once they’re ready to digitally endorse.

Build in more efficiencies

When it comes to performing routine and specialized dental care, you have all your bases covered, but make sure there are no loose ends in the customer service experience. Patients want to be looped in throughout the process in a hassle-free way. They should be informed about expectations at every step and directed to the information they need to get through the process without any delays.

Look for opportunities to remind patients of what they need to know. A recorded message as they wait on hold, or a short text message will streamline the administrative process and get them in and out more efficiently with a bigger smile on their face.

Constantly inform

Whether you’re telling patients about the office’s use of the latest dental tech for X-rays and CEREC restoration, they should have easy access to materials that educate them about equipment and treatments that will enhance their dental health.

Generally, patients look forward to hearing about the latest technology, especially in dental care. That’s why it’s prudent to offer patients opportunities to learn about today’s dental practices and treatments on social media, on your website, in their email inboxes and elsewhere.

Patients seek out information about their choices and will respond well to your coordinated effort to keep them well informed.

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