Dental payment processing goes hand in hand with quality customer service and office operation efficiency.

As a multistep activity, there’s no reason why dental offices should be stuck in the past when conducting payment transactions. Too many things can go wrong during the payment management process, which can also unnecessarily drain office staff resources.

With remote dental billing services, for example, your office can reduce claim denials. Getting bogged down with claim denials costs your team time and energy that should be applied elsewhere. With remote dental billing services, however, it’s possible to ensure that every patient has an opportunity to provide prompt and accurate payments.

Enhancing your billing functionality is as easy as your office working with a team of specialists. Remote billing specialists are familiar with the minutiae and best practices of billing and claims processes and are equipped with the latest technology. With some guidance and implementation, your dental practice can streamline administrative tasks and ensure payments are received on time and more efficiently.

Here is some information on our remote billing services.

Improves Customer Service

Designed to make sure every step in the payment process moves forward without a hitch, remote dental billing services enhances the customer experience. Our system is powered by a robust background operation that minimizes disruption to daily workflows, moving things along so you and your patients can focus on dental care.

Our remote billing services are available at various levels depending on the dental practice’s size and projected insurance collections. It is packed with features that facilitate an efficient flow of the payment process, resulting in quick and accurate payments. The reason for this is the system will take notice and act on every payment-processing detail.

Increases Revenue

Outsourcing your billing frees up your staff to not only focus on the patients,  but to also give your staff the opportunity to increase revenues by following up on treatment plans and scheduling patients for productive appointments.

Seamless Transition

The system will not require a total overhaul to your current workflow and systems. Instead, the updated system will work with your current electronic claims submission processing. Once connected to your operation, the remote billing services review each claim and detail to reduce the chance of error.

Operating in the background, the remote dental billing services will seamlessly integrate with your dental office’s current infrastructure for effective and under-the-radar support. The support is designed to operate alongside your current operation and will not interfere with everyday workflows. So, the learning curve is virtually nonexistent because this system is plug-and-go ready.

Accurate Tracking

If tracking and keeping accurate and updated dental records is a high priority, then this system is for you. Updates to patient ledgers are inputted in an accurate and timely manner. Insurance payments and adjustments are posted from EOBs and EFTs to ensure that all patient information is the most recent.

The system leaves no stone unturned and keeps claims moving forward. Specialized software will track and take action on those that exceed a certain limit set by your office. Old claims will no longer get lost in the shuffle and will be handled efficiently. All actions will be based on the claim status.

Expedites The Payment Process

With the assistance of remote dental billing services, your dental office can regain the confidence that it will be paid on time, perhaps quicker than before. The enhanced billing system will expedite the payment process and add clarity to the billing process. It will demystify the complex insurance-billing process. Working with a team of specialists, dental staff will not need to concern themselves with how to interpret complex EOBs or how to move forward with adjustments.

Every step in the payment process will come easy. Our system guarantees that things move quickly so your dental office is paid on a schedule that works best. It also lets you reclaim office resources that can otherwise be diverted to handling insurance payments and claims. Most of all, remote dental billing services let you put most of your energy and focus on patients and their most pressing dental needs.

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