As a successful dental practitioner, you know firsthand how difficult and rewarding the business can be.

Assembling a staff and organization that works like a well-oiled machine requires a clear vision to meet the high standard you and your patients demand.

At Adams Dental Consulting, we’re as passionate as you about getting it right. Our comprehensive practice management consulting will elevate every facet of your business.  From accounting to front office administration and marketing, we’re here to help you master business operations.

As your newly formed or well-regarded dental practice works toward the next goal, you can count on us to jump right in with you and get to work.

Adams Dental Consulting conducts a thorough analysis of the practice to craft a customized plan that accomplishes your goals, whatever they may be. Furthermore, your efforts will foster an incredible work culture that your team will be proud to be a part of.

Here are some areas where we can help take your business to the next level.

Recruit, onboard with confidence
We understand how burdensome it can be to hire new staff members only to see them leave soon after a costly hiring and training process. In today’s economic climate, it’s essential to recruit, retain, and empower the right people.

We can help with your hiring experience and leverage the unique interpersonal dynamics within the current team to find top talent who fit in right away and instill confidence in the entire team.

Improve case acceptance
Together, we can balance and increase case acceptance with an advanced method developed in collaboration with trusted clinicians.  Too often, the average case acceptance rate is as low as 50-60 percent for loyal patients and far lower for new ones.

Your office is deserving and capable of a much higher rate.

Fine-tune hygiene
With the ongoing pandemic, your office implements new procedures that enhance safety without compromise to excellent service.

Improving this aspect of your operations may only require some fine-tuning.

The standard is a profitable hygiene department that’s anchored by a streamlined workflow system of processes and protocols that are well communicated and carried out by the entire team.

We support these efforts by identifying areas of improvement, such as communication, scheduling, and patient experience. This evaluation is particularly timely with the recent safety adjustments to your office.

Tap into a winning formula
Maximizing your talent will lead to happy employees and better service. In the end, this combination will lead to satisfied clients and increased revenue.

The journey of professional growth is an ongoing one. With our guidance, we can help you create an environment where staff can thrive, reach new paths for career advancement, create strong team connections, and develop new skills.

Behavioral and motivator-certified assessments
There’s a reason why you selected your staff: they all have unique personalities and strengths that are complementary to the entire team.

Our TTI-Success-Insights-Certified Behavior Consultants can administer and assess the team’s profile. By leveraging and celebrating individual skill sets and strengths, we can help you strengthen your team’s communications and overall performance.

Compliance is an essential element of your practice management. From OSHA to HIPAA requirements, we’ll keep everyone fully engaged with a format that adapts to your team’s learning style and training needs.

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