A new survey by the California Dental Association shows that practicing dentists are well ahead of most adults when it comes to their vaccination status.

Jointly conducted with the California Department of Public Health, the association’s survey shows that about 94% of dentists are vaccinated against COVID-19, a rate that vastly outpaces the national rate among adults. A related survey by Kaiser reveals that about 62% of the adult population is at least partially vaccinated.

The survey was conducted during the closing months of May and early June and underscores the industry’s confidence in the vaccine and its ability to protect dentists and their communities.

About 700 dentists who participated in the survey reported to have gotten the vaccine as soon as they were eligible. More than 80% also said they plan on taking the booster whenever it is recommended. Nearly 80% of dentists are fully vaccinated, according to the spring survey.

Dental professionals say they were motivated to receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to their desire to protect themselves and those around them, including their families, friends, co-workers and patients. As essential health care providers, dentists and front-line workers were among the first to get vaccinated.

In addition, dental professionals believe the vaccine is safe and effective.

Patients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will receive dental care in a low-risk setting given enhanced health and safety precautions within dental offices and high vaccination rates among health care professionals.

The dental community is hopeful that the high vaccination rate among dental professionals and their support of vaccination will boost public health efforts on community vaccination and education.

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