Your thriving dental office has gotten where it is by providing excellent treatment and service to your patients.

The success of your business is measured in smiles, but another indicator of your overall health as a business is clicks. The digital presence of your dental practice takes many shapes. From email lists, a robust website, blogs and targeted online advertisements, a comprehensive digital marketing plan cannot be its best without social media too.

Sharing tips about water flossing, for example, on Facebook or Instagram may not seem like the type of outreach that will land clients, but, in fact, a broad social media strategy powered by engaging content can elevate your standing, brand and clientele base.

The foundation for a strong social media campaign should include a well-designed and user-friendly website, which your social media audience can explore to learn more about dental questions and solutions.

As you build and execute your social media strategy, more people will begin to stumble upon your page for social media proof. Posts, reviews and follower count may be what they look for. Each category can sway their opinion about your services and will factor in their decision about calling your office.

The power of customer reviews – especially those that originate on third-party platforms and not your website – weighs heavily on the minds of potential clients as they conduct their search for their next dentist. Consumers relate to others who are in their shoes. They will pay closer attention to positive reviews on your social media pages. This places greater importance on implementing a social media strategy that encourages and thrives on customer feedback and interaction.

Social media marketing is not only proof of your good work (customer reviews), but it’s proof of your presence. Your social media platforms will also be a place for established patients to tell the world how much they care about you. It’s not just a place for them to leave a review, but to see what’s new and happening within your office. All this activity will not only result in stronger relationships, but it’ll also boost your visibility, ranking your pages higher in searches and in complicated algorithms.

One general proclamation of social media is that sharing is caring. Your dental office can take that approach with industry content.

A solid understanding of social media also requires knowing which platforms will provide the greatest impact, and which content will resonate.

The content you produce, such as behind-the-scenes photos that puts a spotlight on personalities and informational tidbits about new services and products, will raise your online presence and increase the opportunities for engagement. As noted above, a robust social media program that encourages interaction through online reviews, engaging content, referrals and education is the beginning. As you build your presence, you’ll see the tangible results follow, including more leads.

But most important of all, bigger smiles are sure to follow too.

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