We understand you run a busy dental practice, where your complete focus is on patient care.

At the same time, as dental procedures become more advanced and effective, providing more choices to your patients, the billing aspect also becomes more complex, difficult to navigate and eats away at valuable time and resources. This reality can bog down your capacity and cause confusion within the office.

Challenges dental offices face include elaborate procedures for reimbursement; hard-to-follow forms and documentation; outdated systems for electronic submissions; hoops of pre-authorization; and confusion with various diagnosis and procedure codes.

 Any error or failure in meeting these challenges cost your office money, lead to poor collection rates and disrupt cash flow. Not having the appropriate resources can also cost the patient in terms of education on how to fully take advantage of medical benefits.

Combined, these challenges can reduce the level of care and result in thousands of dollars in rejected treatment plans.

Several solutions can be implemented to address the issues that may arise from administrative duties.

An exemplary office is one that promotes patient education, so they better understand all courses of treatment. It also thrives on administrative consistency, capable of handling the complexity of billing while delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. Other tools, annual budgets, fee schedules and best practices go into a comprehensive and robust billing system.

Some may believe reaching this level of service is only possible by adding staff or increasing expenditures to unsustainable levels. By partnering with a reputable company that offers remote billing solutions, however, your office is assured to maximize profits, improve office efficiency and reduce administrative and operational costs so you can build on your reputation of being an excellent dental office that puts patients first.

We can provide the resources to handle your billing needs, giving you the confidence to carry out your practice the way you always envisioned it.

Adams Dental Consulting is here to help you maintain a seamless billing process.

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