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I have had the pleasure of using the services of Ashlee Adams over the last eight months. My earlier experience with him was when he served as the director /coordinator of a practice management team of at least four other management consultants from The Dentists Service Company. The purpose of that contract was to help prepare me for a practice transition from a solo to an associate / team practice, with the eventual aim of ownership transition, and with the shorter term goal of assuring practice coverage while I was out on an extended absence from my practice. During that period he proved to be an attentive, resourceful and skilled team leader of that consulting team.

After that service was discontinued by The Dentist’s Insurance Company he continued on as my consultant for two more months during which my practice added on the associate dentist and my office staff adjusted to the changes involved with the transition. He, as the principle officer of Adams Dental Consulting, continued to be an able management practice consultant and resource during this challenging time.
I have now entered a more stable period of growth in my practice, but intend to continue seek the services of Adams Dental Consulting as practice transition issues arise.
-John Stevens, DDS

The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” can be one of the most important ideas when transitioning from dental school or residency to private practice. I came out of my residency thinking I had mastered the craft of dentistry and that I understood how to manage and work with people. Little did I know the things that I didn’t know would give me a kick in the pants once I was on my own.

Luckily, I had some great mentors and great support who pointed me in the direction of Adams Dental Consulting. I thought I had a decent grasp on the issues that were plaguing our office, but those ideas only touched the surface once we started to delve down deeper. One of the biggest issues of running/working in a practice is that you are not able to see all the different aspects of the practice. Remember, if you are not working then no money is coming in. Having Ashlee and his team come initially be fly’s on the wall gave me a clearer picture of our choke points and in some cases staffing issues. Once I was able to get a clearer picture with Ashlee’s help we began the process of developing a long term plan. The plan included new staff, retraining current staff in insurance billing and collections and better customer service. Time being a practitioners most valuable commodity, I was able to lean heavily on ADC to make sure staff were trained correctly and potential new staff were first screened before coming in for in person interviews.

It is amazing what training and some new staff can do for your team morale and for your own enjoyment of work. I know that we would not be where we are without ADC. The ultimate goal is to enjoy what you do and then it doesn’t become work. I look back at the first year of practice and can’t believe I thought I knew everything.

You don’t know what you don’t know, but when you have a solid team behind you those unknowns become more clear and you can begin to attack the issues.

If you need a little bit or a lot of help, I would definitely recommend reaching out to ADC.
-Vik Tiku, DDS

They did a great job, it allowed us to be a more, "eye-on-the-ball" office. We now try to look for those key points to a more positive month and year ends.
-Louis Moran, Office Manager

Hiring Ashlee Adams and his team was one of the best decisions I made back in 2017. I was in a mid-career slump, and Ashlee analyzed my practice, streamlined our systems, and guided me in improving communications skills with my team members and patients. Overall it was a full revitalization right when we needed it. As a result, our revenue in 2018 skyrocketed and I now feel excitement coming to work each day.
-Arielle Liberman, DMD

We all enjoyed working with Ashlee. I am very grateful for all the time he spent with us. Mostly, I am grateful for the results. Let me tell you how I decided to work with Ashlee.

After attending a practice management class, I went to my office and reviewed all production numbers for the past 5 years. It had been 4 years since my practice reached its highest production/collection point. I couldn’t understand why? We were working the same, if not more hours; the fees for the dental procedures had increased accordingly, the number of new patients was the same or more, the active patients were healthy. The salary of all staff members had also increased, but the production had decreased. Why?

I consulted with at least 2 dental consulting companies. I chose Ashlee Adams. Ashlee was readily available to come to our practice and get to know the office before making any suggestions and/or necessary changes. His ability to help me analyze the opportunities with staff accountability and follow through was what made my practice grow. Thanks to Ashlee, and his personality assessment, I have a better relationship with my office manager and the rest of the staff. Thanks to Ashlee, I understand monitoring is essential and key to making goals.

To have Ashlee involved in my practice to help me grow was one of the best decisions I have made.
-Marie Moran, DDS

I appreciate all the work you both are doing. I also wanted to share that our team thinks highly of both of you and has described you guys as "laid back and knowledgeable". I knew your team would be helpful, but it's always tough to know how change will be received, so thank you both for making the effort to work so closely with us and accommodate our needs and personalities.

I really do look forward to growth in the coming months!
-Cheryl, Office Manager

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