Our passion lies in the success of our clients. With close to three decades of combined experience in the dental industry, we are no strangers to the challenges that today’s dentist face. Finding solutions to empower you to reach your highest potential throughout every phase of your career is what drives the work we do.

Ashlee Adams

President & Founder

Business philosophy that drives me: The “servant leadership” model of Simon Sinek in Leaders Eat Last.

Fun fact about me: I never learned how to ride a bike… like, not ever. It’s weird. I know. I’m open to lessons included as part of on-site client visits assuming all appropriate PPE is provided.

After a decade of working in various roles in the dental industry, Ashlee decided to face the challenges he saw many dental practices encountering, head on. He launched Adams Dental Consulting to help dentists overcome the financial and emotional challenges that are so common in today’s competitive market.

His passion for the industry was sparked with his role as a regional manager for a dental service organization (DSO), where he oversaw operations in multiple dental offices that had a combined revenue of $25 million. In this role, he had the opportunity to not only drive profit growth, but also assist practice owners with maintaining high levels of employee engagement and patient retention.

In 2016, he made the transition to supporting private practice doctors as a strategic consultant for The Dentists Service Company, a subsidiary of the California Dental Association. During this time, he oversaw and supported a team of advisors, empowering his team to effectively help dental offices achieve their goals.

Savannah Adams

Chief Operations Officer

Business philosophy that drives me:  “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking  for it.”

Fun fact about me: “ I love to run, for distance, not to be first place but to look back at the distance I have come.”

Savannah has spent over a decade empowering dentists to care for their patients with her results-driven approach to supporting them.

Born in the small town of South Lake Tahoe, she migrated downhill and became a proud graduate of California State University, Sacramento, her passion for the industry began in 2008, when she had the opportunity to serve as operations manager at a DSO. She spent six years honing her skills as a practice manager, where she focused on employment practices, financial analysis, accounts receivable, patient retention and dental benefit insurance.

From there, she went on to serve as compliance and quality control manager for The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC), a subsidiary of the California Dental Association. In this unique role, she oversaw all internal procedural compliance functions, including providing independent and objective assessments. As the special investigation’s unit manager, she was tasked with investigating and reporting any fraudulent activity to the California Department of Insurance, in addition to conducting new hire and annual fraud training for employees.

Megan Lee

Megan Lee

Billing Supervisor 

Business philosophy that drives me: Genuinely caring about what you do and working hard shows true leadership.

Fun fact about me: I have lived in North Carolina my entire life. I never even made it to the western half of the country until a few years ago!

Megan became a dental hygienist in 2007 and worked full-time until 2016 when she welcomed her son. She never actually left hygiene, however, opting to work part-time while juggling the demands of raising three children.

She originally learned the ins and outs of dental billing at her first job in 2007. There she had the downtime responsibilities of contacting insurance providers for eligibility verification, benefit breakdowns, and end-of-day balancing.

Her favorite aspect of working hygiene has always been interacting with her patients, using this time to get to know them and their concerns. From her many years of experience, Megan knows all to well that patients regularly suffer from anxiety about going to the dentist. Being the true patient advocate she is, Megan became sympathetic to these often-debilitating concerns and worked to help each and every one of her patients feel comfortable and at home while in her chair.  A testament to this is that she’s even created friendships with patients that now extend beyond the practice over the course of her nearly fifteen years in hygiene.

Drawing on her skills as an office manager, her patient-centered approach to hygiene, her meticulous attention to detail, and her ability to truly understand the inner workings of a dental office, Megan has made a seamless transition to the detailed work of dental billing, coding, writing appeals, and seeing claims through to fulfillment.

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