The Department of Health and Human Services announced that dentists can apply for federal assistance through the Enhanced Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal.

The announcement is welcome news for many practices that may have been recently ineligible to receive funding. Applications for a two percent reimbursement of annual reported patient revenue will be available until August 3.

Last month, the federal government piloted the portal through the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program to support dentists and provide relief to Medicaid, Medicaid-managed care, and CHIP providers. The COVID-19 pandemic exhausted many dental practices’ resources, resulting in lost revenue and increased expenses.

When it first launched, the initial allocation covered hospitals and other health care providers involved with the COVID-19 response. The broader rollout of the program makes room for additional funding, including Medicare and Medicaid providers caring for dental patients.

The California Dental Association remains an active voice in advocating for funding dental practices impacted by the pandemic. It is also working with the federal government to clarify some requirements and how offices can access the new allocations.

Practices with any questions, can contact cares.linkhealth.com for a program overview, FAQs, and information on how to set up a Optum ID.

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