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Remote Dental Billing SERVICES

Every step in the payment process is an important one to ensure prompt and accurate payment. Claim denials are costly to your team, taking up your team’s valuable time and energy and diverting attention away from patient care.

Our team of specialists know the ins and outs of the billing and claims processes and have streamlined the process to get you paid faster and more efficiently.

Your patient’s experience is our top priority, and that’s why we discreetly operate in the background to minimize any disruption to your daily workflow.

Insurance Billing Experts

We supply a dedicated billing representative that handles everything from claim submission, posting payments, and accounts receivable follow up. Whether your practice needs a long-term billing team or an AR clean-up, we customize an AR plan for you. You only pay for what you actually need and you’ll collect more…guaranteed. Outsource your dental billing to our company and get paid faster.

outsource dental billing costs


Utilize Your Current Electronic Claims System

We utilize your current electronic claims submission system and review each claim to reduce the chance of an administrative error.

Get Paid Faster

You will be paid faster by insurance companies and will never need to question any adjustments or try to interpret confusing EOB’s.

We Operate in the Background

We operate in the back ground of your existing business and do not interfere with your daily operation.

Ledgers Updated

Insurance payments and adjustments are posted from EOB’s and EFT’s to patient ledgers accurately and timely.

Claims are Tracked

All insurance claims over 30 days old are researched and documented in the practice management software, and action is taken based off the claim status.

We Are Here For You

Whether you need a long-term billing team or AR clean-up, we are here to customize your accounts receivable needs.

Get Paid Faster

Enjoy reduced claims processing windows, often down to three days or less, with an emphasis on payment accuracy.


Free up your staff resources to keep the focus on increasing revenue flow and providing exceptional care. 


Say goodbye to the struggle of interpreting confusing EOBs and uncertainties about adjustments.

Patient Accounts Receivable Management

Adams Dental Consulting provides outsourced dental billing expertise which allows your office staff to have the beneficial time they need in order to provide exceptional patient care. Our dedicated billing representative handles everything from account review, monthly electronic statement processing, courtesy balance calls, and past due balance letters.

Our Patient AR Management Specialists are experts in auditing patient accounts and ensuring accurate information is reflected and sent to the patient in the most efficient manner possible. We utilize your current electronic statement submission system and review each statement before it is sent to reduce the chance of an administrative error.

Send monthly patient statements electronically, with your office already signed up with electronic statements
Weekly progress reporting
Overdue balance letters mailed to the patient, with no additional fees for postage
Balance due courtesy calls to patients by using a dedicated phone number that is consistent with your office’s area code
Patient balance inquiries are followed up within 24 business hours
Assistance in sending an account to a collections service of your choice, with a collection fee charged to client

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